Kurns Tower 'guide'

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Kurns Tower 'guide'

Postby Bigcat Daddy-o on 03 Feb 2009 21:33

Here it is as promised, warts and all. Other folks can add what I have missed, and correct me where I might have misperceived something.

http://home.comcast.net/~mathadon/Guide ... Named.html
http://home.comcast.net/~mathadon/Guide ... _Over.html

Kurns tower – SOD visible loot guide.

This guide will is based on my experiences in Kurns tower. There are other places to get SOD visible, but I haven’t camped them, so someone else will have to describe that
This is based on my four boxed characters, Shm,Mage,Monk,Dru. With mercenary tank, and 1 or 2 mercenary clerics, depending on circumstances. I would drop the monk to out of group to add a second merc cleric to do named as I found one merc cleric couldn’t keep up the healing on the merc tank. If you have a real tank, you might not need the extra healing power.
Important to note, that you can get the wrist/hand immediately if you have the turn in ‘stones’ and the chronobines (about 350-400 per character will cover the 3 pieces), as they are available in Void A. The pieces after that require higher void access. Head/feet VOID B, legs /arms VOID C, chest VOID D.
To get the SOD armor pieces, you get the ‘stone’ from the named. The stones are ‘sometimes’ drops from each named. There are 4 different stones. One can be turned in for wrists or hands, one for head or feet, one for arms or legs, and one for chest. Go to ZEB in void. Buy the snakethingy (tinea) for the piece you have (see link of what is available in each void right click on the tineas and they tell you what piece they will make.) buy the combining container and combine them. Easypeasy.
I will go through floor by floor, leaving ph space for others to add to the floors that I never did, or did a limited amount – like Consersa. There simply was no loot for my box group from him, so I bypassed it.
I will be subdividing in to the type of visible armor that you will get also, showing the floors it is available.
Also, the iksar illusion mask is invaluable for this. I did it with the Iksar mask on all 4 boxes.

Wrist/Hands – Void A. Everyone has access to Void A.
First floor – Mordrid. All the dog models are PH for this named. He casts a hella nasty AE silence or stun. My cleric mercs always managed to get caught in it, along wth my shaman and druid. I gave up early on him, but typically folks will camp and pull to zone in. Our intrepid Australian druid had a good idea to hide behind a little wall to heal through his nonsense, but I never tried it. Frankly, the second floor guy was just too easy to be bothered to camp this guy, however Falc seems to like doing him, so your mileage may vary.

2nd floor – Isinente – all the static tower guardians on the floor are ph for him. That is 7 possible spawn points! He is straight up DPS, and needs some good solid healing but he has no other tricks that I ever saw worth worrying about. Doesn’t enrage, doesn’t run. Easy money.
Typically I would camp at the very ‘back’ of the zone right in the middle . you will have stairs to your left and right leading to 3rd floor. Being right in the middle you will not get agro on anything. I often left my campfire right there. There are 3 ph at the back. After knocking them down I would move out and to the left. It is a double square with 3 static mobs in the middle(always one golem) a roamer up the middle line, and 2 roamers to the left and 2 to the right on each side. The dog models can sometimes see invis so be careful when setting up. The target from here is the 4 static tower guardians back by the stairs from the first floor. They are ph for Isinente.
The only tricky part is the two roamers when you set up. I would often end up with the second one adding before I had finished the first, but good timing and patience and luck can get you only one. Once the two side roamers are down, pull and kill the four static tower guardians. At that point I would move back inside, but as I got stronger from better loot and leveling, I would clear more. Quite often I would try to clear the other roamers as they can add on you while pulling the ph or named from the four at the stairs if you are unlucky or careless in timing.

3rd floor – frankly I skipped 3rd floor as Isinente was just too easy, and the loot wasn’t worth the trouble of camping the third floor. Someone else can add to this. Looked not too bad. The ph is quite a few static mobs from what I have seen. Including in that large room full of mobs.

Head/feet- Void B required for turn in
4th floor. Cosensal – easy as pie once you get him pulled. Like Isinente he is straight up melee, doesn’t enrage OR run.
As you come up to the 4th floor on one side you will see one static guard (can be different models). That is where I typically camp, but there is also a nice clear area and room in behind there that would work nicely. I was just too lazy to pull that far but I think that would be a better camp spot.
In the big room down from the static spawn there are 7 iksar. 5 static and 2 roaming, IIRC. There are also 2 dog models at the back that you can pull if you like, but aren’t required to pull.

So, typically I would break this by killing the static guard in the hall. If you kill him in place, the 2 roamers on the stairs behind you will not add IF YOU ARE IN IKSAR MASK. I would suggest that if you don’t have iksar mask you may need to move to the empty room behind and may have to also clear the 2 stairs roamers. Single pulling with monk (be careful, I often got 4 mobs when echoing the room for first break) till all the iksar were down. Then judging if I had time to pull the dogs, or the 2 roamers on the stairs behind you. Cosensal will spawn from the static iksars in the room. Never from the static guard in the hall in the time I have done it. Again, healing is the key for the named.
Rinse and repeat. There are other areas on this floor, like a couple back rooms, that I never pulled or bothered with. The statics in these rooms may also be ph for the named, but I am unsure of this.

5th floor – Estar – named golem. Hits like a truck. Enrages. But, you can use the annihilate mage/druid spell which really helps to kill him down fast. I camped this guy at first, but found I couldn’t keep up with the respawn so moved to the 4th floor where I was much more successful. Even so, I will give a guide on this, as you might have more dps than me and find this one easy. There is a nice priest ring from him, 2 versions of it and a war only 1hs.
I did this camp in 2 stages. First the break, then just camping it. Start out in the empty room. Pull the static iksar, then each of the 2 guys roaming up and down the stairs. Will only have to kill these guys once. This is just to break in to the big room.
In the big room there are 2 outside roamers, a dog and iksar. Be careful as the dog can sometimes see invis. There are 4 iksar roamers inside the center square that sometimes agro when you pull the outer roamers. Then there are 4 static golems in each of the corners. The golems are the PH for Estar.
Pull the two outside roamers to the little room, then the 4 inner square roamers. Then move in to that square, pulling each of the four golems in to you to clear. Once clear, you just have to wait for respawn and kill them off till you get a named. For me, that was about 30 seconds to spare… It was too tight and whenever I got a named things went to hell as I usually had an add to contend with from respawn. You might have a lot more dps than my little box group so your mileage may vary and you might find this one easier to camp.

Arms/Legs - Void C required for turn in
6th floor – Consersa – his other loots were useless to my box group so I skipped him.

7th floor – Oracao – Doesn’t enrage – doesn’t run. Is a shaman.
This guy was easy money. There are 4 shaman static mobs standing around chatting about the value of malis over malos, with one guard off to the side. I would camp in one of the two corners on the side away from the guard. With monk I would echo the center guys and fd etc. , till I could get a single. Sometimes this would pull the guard instead, which is fine because I really found it was easiest to do this camp killing him too. You only have to kill a total of 5 for this camp. Now, I only ever did this camp masked so this might not work if you don’t have masks. Clear the 5, wait for named. Collect your loot. He hits hard, and does shamany stuff, but otherwise pretty easy. Doesn’t run or enrage.

Chest- Void D required for turn in
8th and final floor. There are2 different named on this floor and in a really tight space.
In a little room will be a harried lieutenant by himself. This is the Ph for Lt. Tenante. Set up in this room. Masked, and pulling to a back corner I never aggroed the 2 guards at the doorway to this room. So, kill the lt. ph, then pull the guards, then slowly clear the outer room as required to get the harried researcher which is the ph for Researcher Neskuisa. There are two roaming mobs that roam past the doorway, so time your pulls accordingly. Note that I often found that if I echoed something with the named researcher up, he would be the only one to com in to the room.

And that’s it. Keep in mind this guide is based on a monk puller, tank and cleric mercs, all characters with iksar illusion. Your mileage and tactics may vary based on group composition or abilities.
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Re: Kurns Tower 'guide'

Postby Yesak on 04 Feb 2009 04:10


I will be in Kurns for quite some time. Me and girlfriend headed here and we can do pretty well with double pulls. Not great but we get through. Will be rather nice upgrades if we can snag up some essences. 8)
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Re: Kurns Tower 'guide'

Postby Bigcat Daddy-o on 04 Feb 2009 18:44

Do yourself a favor and break that up a little bit if you are in there for a long time Yesak.

My bard friend and I still shudder whenever we mention Kurns.. Probably be a month before I can bring myself to zone back in to kurns. :) We kind of 'overcamped' it getting full T3 on 5 toons total.
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