Shaman Box AA check

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Shaman Box AA check

Postby Genii-Hukisu on 22 Aug 2009 12:07

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I two box the characters in my sig and have come seeking advice for a path for AA's as I have reached the point where not being a class vet means I don't know what the hell I am doing! My ultimate goal is to have solid DPS by ways of both nukes, DoT's and swinging the hammer for some Lynx procs.

Is there an order I should be looking at when dealing with DoT crit rate/crit power increases and nuke crit rate/crit power? Is there anything glaring I have missed out on? I figure some more CA and CS would be beneficial but being that my main is an SK the Shaman usually doesn't get hit unless the SK dies, in which case it most likely is a lost cause if I don't click the gate aa quick enough.

One more large question I have.. is should I put down the AA for now and gain power by leveling? I can begin to feel the power of the shaman at her current AA level. I'd imagine as a baseline 1k aa at 85 would be ideal, but as a box I don't worry about much on the shaman beside DPS ability, and ability to maintain through a long fight.

Thanks again!

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Re: Shaman Box AA check

Postby Kumudil on 23 Aug 2009 15:15

Best oh-shit spell is Antecedent's Intervention. so you want to go to 83. From there its not far to 84.
There you get mojo and nectar. (Once there you might want to go to 85 also for Group-unity, and for the feeling leveling is done now for a whole year ;) ).
Nuke-damage is inefficient if the fights get longer than 35 ish seconds, so I would set the aa related to them on the backburner.

Standard Hotkey might be: AA-malis, AA-slow, Panther. the follow up possible second would be Nectar, Mojo, Pocus.
SCRM Is done. Next might be Dot-damage. Some Dot-aas are still missing.

for the next AAs I would probably do:

Virulent paralysis 6
Cannibalisation max

Affliction Mastery
Blood Tithe
Destructive Cascade

Union of Spirits: Single additive Hot
Ancestral Aid : smaller but group-AA Hot

if you get rarly hit but still want to do something for defense:
Ancestral Guard 3 tic "defense disc" dps reduction, think has saved my life more often than any CA and CS together.
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Re: Shaman Box AA check

Postby Cellan on 26 Aug 2009 07:06

For my shaman-box hotkey I don't put Lynx on it. Rather I put my medium poison DoT and Mojo. The goal is to have GoM fire to give me a free Lynx spell.
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Re: Shaman Box AA check

Postby Bigcat Daddy-o on 26 Aug 2009 15:07

heya Genii. Been meaning to look at your shaman's magelo at home but I always forget when I get there. Magelo is blocked at work for me. :(

There is some good points above. If it were me I'd probably level at least to 84 as suggested by Kum. 84 as you know is a nasty grind but I'd likely want to do full 85.

The path suggested by Kum is excellent. To get the 'mana savings' that Cellan is suggesting woudl require you work through all the Gift of mana AAs up to the level. I'd prefer the cannabalize and run it route myself.

Also, an excellent addition (if you don't have it) would be the 2.0 epic. I typically pull something, click epic and cannabalize. So the shaman is getting the benefit of the heal to heal up the canni, the sk is getting a hot and a melee boost, as well as anyone else in the group. it's a really nice combo on a shaman.

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Re: Shaman Box AA check

Postby Genii-Hukisu on 03 Sep 2009 10:41

Thank you guys for the tips. I haven't had much chance to play between work and school lately, but have a three day weekend coming up with the double XP as announced on the SoE site. I might just go crazy and see if I can grind the shaman to 85 and leave a little room to knock out some aa while I'm at it.

I was able to nab a 2.0 some time ago and as stated its a great click, it really helps when zerging a name with the SK 2.0 click running.

One thing I forgot to ask is what are the must-have clickies in your opinions? I looked at the clickies page and wasn't sure what the core clickies may be. Currently I have a few basics but just want to make sure I'm not missing anything glaring. I've thought of getting one of the BP's that increases the chance to land detrimental spells, but it seems minimally useful when grouping...

Again, thank you guys for the help!
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Re: Shaman Box AA check

Postby dohrian on 03 Sep 2009 11:17

The more useful clickies are IMHO after epic 2 :
Linked Shirt of the Fates (clicky HoT)
Defender of the Ancestral Spirit (clicky root)

I also use my procing snare (but not needed if you team with your sk) :
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